• 2014-09-07 — 2014-12-10
  • Tues & Thurs 6:30PM - 7:45PM
  • 4085.582.01
  • Orange Hall (ORN)-1380
  • remydcsi@rit.edu


Week 5 - Class 2


  1. Assignment-ery

    • Bug Fix: Pull request was due by 4:59pm Monday, email me ASAP. You are losing 10% per day it is late (already -20%) :(

    • Commarch Teams: You have until the end of next class to form your teams for the commarch assignment. EACH of you will be submitting a pull request in your .yaml file with each team members' IRC Nick: Like so:
      commarchteam: fangy, beruberufunbot, waterseas
  2. #topic RollCall

    1. 1. decause will #startmeeting in channel, which turns on logging, and activates foss_bot's meeting functionality!
    2. 2. decause will #topic rollcall
    3. 3. You will be listing the members in your group, by IRC Nick, like so:
      #info fangy, beruberufunbot, waterseas
    4. 4. This will provide useful meeting notes, confirm you've completed the assignment, and be publicly available here: http://yacht.rit.edu/meetings/rit-foss/2014/
  3. Guest Lecture

    1. Yannick Gingras, Facebook Production Engineering Team & Montreal Python User Group