Project Management

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Project Management

"Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements." (PMI)

If it doesn't have an end, it's not a project.

Project Management, the career

A new discipline, with varying rates of adoption.

Does RIT cover it? (or is it too meta?)

What makes up a project?

Requirements and needs

In class, it's what your teacher tells you.

At work, it's what your boss tells you.

In open source, nobody tells you.

"We develop what we want to see."
-- OpenBSD developers (not a literal quote)
For example, OpenSSH.



This is known in another form:

"Fast, cheap, or good. Pick any two"


"Pick any two" has been around for a long time... However, looking for creative commons-licensed images for "Pick Any Two"...

"Thanks, Internet".

Got it so far?

There's knowledge areas:

And then it gets worse!

Which each have sequential process groups:

It gets fractally worse!

Time's Planning section includes:

Each of these includes input and output items, along with specific tools to use and techniques.


The point is there's a lot to do when planning, separate from the actual scale of the project.

That planning determines success or failure.

Some basic steps are needed to get from one end of a project to another. Fight "Announceitis"!

The multi-step loop

The multi-step loop

The multi-step loop

The multi-step loop

The multi-step loop

For your project...

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