Humanitarian Open Source Software

Quiz #1 on independent reading

Choose three of the five following essay questions to write brief responses
(150-200) words.  Please be sure to make specific reference to the article,
i.e. use as many examples as you can recall from the reading. 

1. How has the OLPC program failed to meet its own goals, and in what other
ways has it been successful?  Can the program be judged solely against its own

2. Richard Stallman is not fond of the term “Open Source.”  He prefers the term
“free” as is freedom, not as in “free beer.”  Can you explain the difference,
and is one really “free-er” than the other?

3. Describe a “Community of Practice” as laid out in The Open Source Way, and
briefly explain how your project’s participants will fit the model.

4. What about open source “takers?”  Is it reasonable to expect users of open
source software to contribute more than the nothing that most of them do?  If
so, how and when might the adopter world be brought into the contribution fold?