Add Yourself To The Course Website

Check out the source repository for this course; it's hosted at

Inside the repository, we'll keep an index of all the students in the course and metadata about them (you!).


  • Load up the git cheatsheet at Zack Rusin's blog and keep it nearby.
  • Work through this git tutorial if you don't have any experience with git.
  • Fork the repository (link to github help on this).
  • Clone a local copy.
  • Add a file in the /scripts/people folder titled $YOUR_IRC_NICK.yaml. Perhaps obviously, it is a YAML file. You can use the rjbpop.yaml file as an example.
    BE WARNED: Your .yaml file must match the format *exactly* (meaning it is case and whitespace sensitive.)
    CRUFTY: There is a people.yaml file in that directory. It is a legacy hangover from older code. Do not bother editing it. It will actually make merges more difficult.
  • Once you've confirmed your .yaml file matches exactly, commit and push your changes to github, and issue a pull request.
  • Once the patch is accepted upstream and pushed to production, this should add your blog feed to the Participants page.)